Sunday, July 27, 2014

Little Boy

Owen was assigned to give the opening prayer and recite the first Article of Faith in Primary today at church. This may not seem like a big deal, but Owen is kinda known for not willingly doing things that are outside of his comfort zone. I think he's mostly just shy and doesn't like a lot of attention (unless it's on his terms). So the last time he gave a prayer in Primary I pretty much gave it for him while he stood next to me all whiney/mopey-like. Not a good experience for either of us. So we practiced his A of F every day this week and even went down to the church one night so he could practice saying it nice and loud into the microphone. I was super happy when he came into Primary and ran up to sit next to me at the front of the room and kept asking why it wasn't his turn to do his assignment yet! He did an awesome job at both and with only 3 cues, said the Article of Faith almost entirely by himself. He was so proud of himself and was asking after church when he'll get to do it again. I sure was a proud mama! Go buddy!

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Not sure where the idea came from, but Russ decided that he wanted to have our family trip this year be to Oregon. I gotta say, it was probably the best family vacation we've had! Anyone who loves being outside would love this place. So green, tons of hikes for all hiking levels, waterfalls, rivers, fishing, you get the idea. It was heaven! We went with my brother Eric and his family and they were great company.
 photo IMG_8774_zpsee94ceba.jpg
Owen and Shelby, all excited after finally arriving at our cabin for the week. These two were best buds on this trip.
 photo IMG_8791_zps827cfbb0.jpg
This River (Sandy River) was literally right behind our cabin. We slept with our windows open each night so we could listen to it.
 photo IMG_8850_zps24f99856.jpg
 photo IMG_8870_zps042fdac8.jpg

The first full day we took a trip to Trillium Lake to see the awesome view of Mount Hood and do some fishing!
 photo IMG_8809_zps8ebe064c.jpg
 photo IMG_8813_zps1f08d93e.jpg
 photo IMG_8820_zpsad7315bc.jpg
 photo IMG_8825_zps7f092009.jpg
 photo IMG_8828_zps81d2cb0f.jpg
 photo IMG_8841_zps5c921b8b.jpg
This girl has a weird obsession with stuffing things down her shirt. Here it was rocks.
 photo IMG_8849_zpsc55b8727.jpg

The next day we drove about an hour to do a hike to Punch Bowl Falls. It was a 2 mile hike to the falls. There are some really amazing falls if you go a full 6 miles on the same trail but I'm 100% positive our kids didn't have that in them!
 photo IMG_8911_zps771d6152.jpg
Upper Punch Bowl Falls.
 photo IMG_8916_zpsb8f62143.jpg
Touching the Lower Punch Bowl Falls.
 photo IMG_8883_zpsd651a706.jpg
 photo IMG_8925_zps4b14451c.jpg
Caught stealing Aunt Kim's rice krispy treats.
 photo photo2_zps2cc476a1.jpg
 photo photo1_zps045ddc06.jpg
Me and my super tired hiking buddy nearing the end of our hike. I had so much fun with her in the carrier and talking the whole way up and down the trail. She did awesome.
 photo IMG_8936_zpsafe6f0fb.jpg
At the end of our hike down.
 photo IMG_8950_zps20f49254.jpg
We stopped and took a picture at Multnomah Falls on the way home since it was right off the freeway.

Friday was the Fourth of July! We drove 2 and a half hours to Cannon Beach for a small town parade and some beach time. And we couldn't pass up some Tillamook ice cream while we were there. :)
 photo IMG_8972_zps86f05f2b.jpg
This parade was awesome because there were no other people sitting next to us, so all the candy that was being thrown was all for our kids! We took home a huge bag full!
 photo IMG_8978_zps073c1a58.jpg
 photo IMG_8990_zps90e648af.jpg
 photo IMG_8992_zps450548b1.jpg
 photo IMG_9007_zps94d33750.jpg

We drove back and Owen literally slept the entire drive and Elsie stayed wide awake singing and laughing to herself. It was the best road trip ever! We decided to head straight to Salmon River for some fishing, which Russ had found early the morning before.
 photo IMG_9023_zps1d1da467.jpg
 photo IMG_9032_zps4ee462b0.jpg

Then it was back home for some dinner and sparklers and some fireworks that we could halfway see from our back porch!
 photo IMG_9045_zps965b08e3.jpg
 photo IMG_9050_zps51f6056a.jpg
 photo IMG_9052_zps186f58f2.jpg
A little concerned about the fire at the end of his stick.

More fishing! The Salmon River was close to our place, so we went there a lot. It was ridiculously beautiful!
 photo IMG_9069_zpsd1685c94.jpg
Look how green the walk down to the river is!
 photo IMG_9075_zps7e11a3fd.jpg
 photo IMG_9078_zps9d0eca22.jpg
Buddy reeled in a fish!
 photo IMG_9086_zpscbd36b5d.jpg
I even caught one! And Russ ate it the next morning for breakfast.

Sunday we decided to do a family hike to Mirror Lake. It was a bit harder than we were expecting but the views were so worth it!
 photo IMG_9092_zpsd4b55d35.jpg
Enjoying a slow part of the hike.
 photo IMG_9112_zps5a836088.jpg
Am I right or what?!
 photo IMG_9120_zpsacc521a8.jpg
We found a shady clearing by the water and ate chicken salad sandwiches and cherries for lunch. A perfect Sunday afternoon if you ask me!

Since we had a fire pit in the back, we had to make foil dinners and roast marshmallows one night, right? I'm pretty sure Owen ate seven marshmallows.
 photo IMG_9128_zpsd31599be.jpg
Notice all the dirt on Elsie's mallow. She drug her stick in a circle all around the fire in the dirt before roasting it.
 photo IMG_9127_zps6758c52f.jpg

On our last full day we found a super easy half mile hike/walk to Zigzag Falls. Another beautiful hike! And it was fun because the kids didn't need to be carried. Even on the way down when I was trying to hold Elsie's hand so she wouldn't fall she kept pushing me away and clumsily running full speed. Happy kids!
 photo photo3JPG3_zpsd5c097c0.jpg
 photo photo2JPG2_zps063ae006.jpg
 photo photo1JPG1_zps50350055.jpg
Owen got a little adventurous (which he NEVER does) and decided to climb across this log at the bottom of the falls. We stood back and let him have his fun and then watched him lose his balance and fall into the ice cold water! It of course happened in the one second that Uncle Eric turned his head to look at something else. Good times!

We are already hoping to return here in the next couple years for some more adventures. Who wants to join us?!


I'm behind! But about three weeks ago Russ needed to be in Colorado Springs for a few days for work. And since Elsie and I can fly with him for free and he already had to get a hotel room for work, the kids and I said "why not?" and joined him! I've never spent much time in Colorado but it sure is beautiful. And the weather was pretty much perfect while we were there! Russ had to be away from us for a few hours each day which required some constant hotel room entertaining on my part to keep the kids happy, but we survived. :)

Sorry for the pretty lame pics, we just had our phones for this trip.
 photo IMG_3333_zpsa33639a0.jpg
Before we made it to Colorado Springs, Russ needed to stop at one of his construction sites in Denver. Owen was pretty happy to get a ride in one of the big trucks!
 photo IMG_3335_zps092548d7.jpg
Owen didn't like the itchy blankets that the hotel had to offer. He opted for a pile of pillow instead.
 photo IMG_3342_zps0cbfd238.jpg
Picnic dinner.
 photo IMG_3344_zps8d9ee436.jpg
Messy picnic dinner.
 photo IMG_3346_zpsfa5badf6.jpg
Enjoying the weather and a beautiful view of "The Garden of the Gods".
 photo IMG_3355_zps3eb59d1a.jpg
Feeding giraffes at the zoo.
 photo IMG_3364_zps817ceec3.jpg
Owen was super grumpy on our zoo outing until he got a free ride on this train! He was all smiles after that.
 photo IMG_3369_zps38cdc961.jpg
At least Elsie was excited to see the animals.
 photo IMG_3379_zpsf907b514.jpg
We visited a ghost town that had lots of really old artifacts, such as this carriage. It was pretty cool.
 photo IMG_3381_zps0d0ba7ff.jpg
 photo IMG_3384_zps89fcbb33.jpg
 photo IMG_3387_zps4aad103b.jpg
Owen's fave...this shooting game. I'm pretty sure Russ was just as (if not more) excited.
 photo IMG_3389_zps1c617f9f.jpg
 photo IMG_3405_zpsf377d808.jpg
Right out the back door of our hotel room. Beautiful!