Wednesday, April 15, 2015


So I've been drowning in my own life over here for the last 1-2 weeks. It's just one thing after another...Elsie gets ear infection, Elsie starts throwing up, I get ear infection, Owen's puking all over, Tatum decides to start waking up several times a night again, Russ travels and I'm a single mother, I have a nightmare of kids getting kidnapped and can't sleep for a whole night, all five of us get an annoying cold and cough, and today...Elsie gets another ear infection. It's been exhausting and not very fun. I'm still holding out hope that we are going to be alive, well, and reasonably rested by Owen's birthday party this Saturday!

But if there's one good thing that came out of the last 2 weeks, it's been the new popsicle recipe I tried. Wait for raspberries to go on sale and then whip these bad boys up. They were pretty darn tasty.

Raspberry-Mint Popsicles
4 cups raspberries
1/4 cup + 1 Tbsp sugar
1/4 cup fresh mint leaves
pinch of salt

Blend all ingredients together until very smooth. Add 1/4 cup water. Process until completely smooth. Strain mixture and discard the seeds. Freeze in molds.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter, Part 1

I think Easter has become one of my favorite holidays since having kids. It's just a low key event that has a lot of meaning. This year we invited the same two sets of neighbors over to dye eggs that we did last year, and we had another great time together! We all dyed eggs, the kids played with a bunch of water toys and got soaked, and we pigged out on a delicious chicken chimichanga lunch. It's so fun to have great neighbors!
 photo Easter8_zpsax63b8gs.jpg
The crew as we started to dye eggs.
 photo Easter11_zpszs9laa8a.jpg
Me and my man.
 photo Easter3_zpsghfoewba.jpg
Owen. I didn't get many pictures of him since he was off running around and shooting water with the big kids most of the time. He had so much fun!
 photo Easter4_zpsdsmebmyw.jpg
Elsie was very into the egg dying this year!
 photo Easter5_zpsjmaggexc.jpg
 photo Easter6_zpsz0mrpen5.jpg
 photo Easter9_zpsruuropfu.jpg
The Smiths that live next door.
 photo Easter1_zpsxpktv9qm.jpg
Elsie was actually sweet most of the time, but this is her telling off Lisa because she was trying to clean up Elsie's spill and Elsie thought she was trying to take something from her. Oh, Elsie.
 photo Easter12_zpsp4pwnzaw.jpg
Riley and Jett...Owen's buddies.
 photo Easter7_zpsqx8ltwic.jpg
Pretending to have a family shot with Craig and Tatum.
 photo Easter2_zpsaj23lmvk.jpg
Tatum obviously was having a great time.
 photo Easter_zpsm3nistux.jpg
Elsie and her buddy/enemy, Clara, pigging out on Easter cupcakes after lunch.

Since Easter is on Conference Sunday this year, I put the kids in their Easter outfits a week early this year. I was trying to get a cute picture of all three and it just wasn't working until I told Owen to kiss Elsie. Then I got these gems!
 photo Easter13_zpsobxmebtm.jpg
 photo Easter14_zpss6onk0mp.jpg
 photo Easter15_zps8epv1xgm.jpg
 photo Easter16_zpsycuk8odw.jpg
 photo Easter17_zpspgmij3ub.jpg
 photo Easter20_zps6ynamgdt.jpg
 photo Easter19_zpsbve7r9qc.jpg
I seriously wanted to eat Owen up in his outfit this year...SO handsome!

Now we are looking forward to and Easter FHE lesson tonight and the real Easter festivities next Sunday!

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Russ has been wanting to go visit his parents up in Pinedale for the last few weeks so we finally set aside some time and made it happen this weekend. I even convinced Russ to take a day off of work (which he rarely does) and to skip his bishop duties and stay through Sunday (which he always feels guilty doing) we actually got to spend three whole days together. It was nice!

We went to visit Russ's uncle so we could see his baby goats! They were super cute and the kids loved feeding them. Elsie also enjoyed screaming at them whenever they got in her business.
 photo IMG_3128_zpsw7ml7dm7.jpg
 photo IMG_3133_zpsovvgcvon.jpg
 photo IMG_3131_zpsydqwblex.jpg
Tatum was all tuckered out after a day of road-trippin' and goat seeing...
 photo Pdale1_zpsgcwib1m1.jpg
So were these monkeys. Although Elsie was wide awake around 11 and made sure that Russ and I both got a horrible night sleep that first night. Grrrrrr.
 photo IMG_3139_zpsnfr1xowt.jpg
All dressed for the day. She's getting so chunky!
 photo Pdale_zpsufmdtxdr.jpg
Russ and I loaded up the kids and went for a drive. We ended up at Show Low Lake (I think that's what it's called) and had nice time throwing rocks in the water and finding bugs. Elsie found a caterpillar that she was unwilling to part with. It came back to Pinedale with us but unfortunately never made it out of the car alive.
 photo FullSizeRender_zps6v6oqd1z.jpg
 photo IMG_3145_zpsovwwgatd.jpg
Then Grandpa fired up his tractor so the kiddos could have a ride. Elsie was a bit hesitant but Owen sure loves stuff like that.
 photo IMG_3160_zps1ncjjbnf.jpg
 photo IMG_3162_zpsm2aewmwp.jpg
Elsie has a very ungirly love for bugs. Any time she sees one she exclaims how cute it is. Russ found this poor moth and showed it to Elsie. She reached right out and grabbed it and carried it around like this for a good 20 minutes. She dropped it a time or two but it was so injured from all her "love" that it couldn't fly away! Russ finally convinced her to lay it down somewhere so it could "go to sleep". She put it down and then covered it with a leaf for a blanket. :)
 photo IMG_3171_zpscqpsgef1.jpg
We spent Saturday evening out by Grandpa and Grandma's fire pit cooking up foil dinners and making s'mores. The kids had a great time and everything was delicious!
 photo IMG_3178_zpspgwoesua.jpg
 photo IMG_3176_zps3e4mffts.jpg

Thanks for letting us visit, Grandma and Grandpa!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

So I've decided recently that since we have limited time when all five of us get to spend time together these days, that we need to make that time count. So I've been looking up random fun things for us to do as a family when we get the chance. This past Saturday we drove an hour to Boyce Thompson Arboretum near Superior. We originally were planning on doing some of the hiking trails that are connected to the arboretum but the arboretum itself had plenty of space to explore that we never left it! The kids had a fantastic time running along random trails, crossing bridges, finding sticks that look like the letter Y, running through the mini children's maze, looking at different kinds of desert plants and the coolest part...these crazy spider webs that were funnel-shaped with spiders down in them waiting to pop out and eat bugs! We had packed some lunches and enjoyed a picnic in a big shady area there too. While climbing in the car to go home Owen said "This was a really fun trip!" That made the whole drive worth it.
 photo Thumbs20up_zpstfetcc9y.jpg
Elsie all ready to go!
 photo IMG_5198_zpsmpvxbkvt.jpg
The kids were super excited about the caterpillar daddy found.
 photo IMG_5194_zpsobzzosj0.jpg
 photo IMG_5196_zpsplqxcigd.jpg
 photo IMG_5191_zpsnuvenix3.jpg
Tatum wasn't too impressed.
 photo IMG_5197_zps0oa0wacp.jpg
Lunch time!