Friday, February 20, 2015

Miss Tatum

I can't believe this girl is already 3 weeks (and 2 days) old! Time sure flies when you are sleep-deprived and trying to keep up with three kids. This girl is very much loved already by all of us. She loves, loves, loves to sleep. Like all the time. Just in the last week she's started to have some longer awake stretches. She's also a pig. I'm 100% positive that she eats more than either of my other babies did. But she keeps it all down 95% of the time so I guess she really needs it. She's a little cross-eyed like Elsie was, but I can already tell that it's getting better and should be completely resolved in a month or so. She's been quite a bit happier the last few days and I can tell that she can see better, so I'm sure those two things go hand in hand. She hates the binky, but if I force her to keep it in, she'll suck on it for a minute or two and be completely happy. Why don't my babies like binkies??? She loves to give me smiles, even if I know they probably aren't intentional...I'm saying they are! She hates tummy time, of course, and let's out some funny squawks while she's doing it. She has a nice coat of dark fuzz on her head. Her cord took forever to fall off, so she didn't get a real bath until after two weeks old. She LOVED it! She loves to snuggle and I am usually very happy to do that with her! She has a crazy strong neck. She was lifting her head up while cuddling with me on the delivery table. No joke. And I'm shocked at how often and well she can lift that thing up at just 3 weeks! She's not very good at gripping my fingers but she's also rolled about halfway over twice now...she's a strong one!

And now for the dumping of the bazillion phone pictures I've taken of her. Or just a fraction of them. She's such a cutie!
 photo IMG_4632_zps4c7dd254.jpg
 photo IMG_4664_zps38b975a8.jpg
(two week birthday)
 photo IMG_4668_zps11abbb0f.jpg
 photo IMG_4675_zpsb3da2b6f.jpg
 photo IMG_4725_zps9ef393c4.jpg
 photo IMG_4753_zpse4123fe4.jpg
(first real bath!)
 photo IMG_4784_zpsa884ef20.jpg
 photo tatum2_zpsacc20120.jpg
 photo IMG_4790_zps814679cb.jpg
 photo tatum_zps65dfedfd.jpg
(this pic of Elsie cracks me up!)
 photo IMG_4820_zps9b2d2700.jpg
 photo IMG_4839_zps0ce6db3d.jpg
 photo IMG_4846_zps70a17b8e.jpg
 photo IMG_4848_zpscc447ff8.jpg
 photo FullSizeRender_zps3681d502.jpg
(trying to roll over during tummy time)
 photo IMG_4804_zps035960b6.jpg
(Grandma Perkins has been staying with us for the last week. My kitchen and floors have never been so consistently clean and Tatum is sufficiently spoiled. We will be sad when she leaves us tomorrow!)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

So I Don't Forget...

I had the funniest conversation with Owen on our way to preschool this morning. He's been working for the last two months to fill out a "try new foods" chart at our house. He FINALLY tried 10 new foods (which is a major feat for this kid) and now gets to go on a date with mom and dad to anywhere he wants. He chose Castles and Coasters, which he thinks is the most amazing place on the entire planet because of all the video games.

Me: Are you sure you want to go to Castles and Coasters? If we go to Fuddruckers then we can all go and they have video games too.
Owen: Have you never BEEN to Castles and Coasters?!
Me: {Chuckles} Yes, but it's been a long time.
Owen: Do you not remember what it looks like?!?!
Me: {Now cracking up} I do. It's pretty cool. We can go there.
Owen: The first time I went there I was VERY impressed!
Me: {LOL}

How does he even know the word "impressed"??? It looks like we will be making a trip to Castles and Coasters this week.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Owen's Fun Run

Yesterday Owen's preschool hosted a Fun Run fundraiser event. We were gonna skip it but Owen heard about it at school and said he REALLY wanted to do it. I'm glad we did! It was our first outing with all 3 kids and it was a gorgeous winter morning in AZ to be out. Owen had us practice a few times in front of our house the days before the big race and when it came time to run, he did awesome! Definitely not the fastest kid out there, but he ran as hard as those short little legs could carry him! He got 4th place in the first heat which meant that he got to run again in the "finals" for his age group. He got 7th out of 8 in that one but he didn't seem to notice because he was smiling from ear to ear and was so excited to get a medal that all of the kids got! It was ridiculously cute and we were so proud of him for doing something new.
 photo IMG_9558_zps1d68e611.jpg
 photo IMG_9561_zps48f32db7.jpg
 photo IMG_9577_zpsebc685d8.jpg
 photo IMG_9593_zps0a076c92.jpg
 photo IMG_9594_zps381e802c.jpg
 photo IMG_9596_zpsc0b3ba80.jpg
 photo IMG_9601_zps3ffc82a6.jpg

Oh, Miss Elsie...

Even though Tatum is only 11 days old, it's Elsie that's been giving us a run for our money lately! This is not that surprising, really. And quite often it is humorous. We took all of these pics this past Thursday night within a 2 hour period. I can't help but chuckle every time I look at them!

 photo IMG_4576_zpsa98fd55d.jpg
She demolished this drawer in 2 minutes while I was making no bake cookies.
 photo IMG_4578_zpsec040d32.jpg
Then while I was trying to put that back together, her and her crazy hair (seriously, it's out of control) helped themselves to some cookies...
 photo IMG_4581_zps7cdd5999.jpg
We put the kids to bed and I headed to the store. I got this pic from Russ 20 minutes later. Owen called out saying she was out of bed and Russ literally had to search the house to find her!
 photo FullSizeRender_zps706a57f4.jpg
And apparently she got out of bed 4 more times before Russ finally locked her in. :) But cute is this girl's happy smile?!?!

And just for fun...
 photo IMG_4601_zps101caa1d.jpg
 photo IMG_4608_zps304f5ecf.jpg