Monday, January 5, 2015

Whoa, I'm Behind/Two Whole Years

For all two of my avid readers...sorry I missed December! It was a ridiculously crazy month. As bishop, Russ had tithing settlement to fill in all his "spare" time. And there were some pretty heavy things that happened in our ward that also took up a lot of time. Oh, and then he was chosen to be a juror on a 5 week trial, 4 days a week that would end the week before Christmas. So...we pretty much just never saw him!

Luckily I had all my Christmas shopping done by the beginning of December (thank you, Amazon!) so I could get sick and feel like I was dying and not sleep for 12 days in the middle of the month. It ended up being strep throat and I'm pretty darn happy that it was diagnosed three whole days before Christmas so I could get on antibiotics and be a happy camper with my kiddos before family Christmas festivities hit!

In spite of all the above, I gotta say that we were still able to enjoy a lot of Christmas festivities as a family. We had a day trip up to Flagstaff with friends to do the North Pole Experience which means we got to tour Santa's workshop and meet the big guy himself! We also went to work and church Christmas parties and had a great time at the Mesa Temple Lights with my family. I used all my spare time working on my 2014 digital scrapbook (should come in the mail this week!). And Christmas itself was pretty darn great and low key this year. Just the way I like it! If you want Christmas details, you'll have to come over and read my scrapbook. :)

But the real reason I'm blogging today is because tomorrow is my baby girl's 2nd birthday! I kinda can't believe it. A year ago she was still resisting all my best baby sleep tactics and throwing fits for who knows what all the time and I was pretty exhausted trying to handle her. Today she is still feisty, opinionated, loud, bossy and sometimes downright ornery. But on the flip side she is ridiculously sweet, loves to cuddle, gives hugs and kisses freely, and is genuinely concerned when someone is sad. She's a crazy good talker, possibly even better than Owen was. She loves to boss me around in complete (although often grammatically incorrect) sentences and loves to add "now" on the end of most of those sentences. She can't go to bed without Brenda the Bear and often is found stroking her face and asking if she's okay. She's also been known to put Brenda in time out a time or two. When she decides she's tired she will say "nigh night" and then will be a crying mess until she's in bed. She gives the funniest and most animated facial expressions and keeps us laughing all the time. She loves to say "I got poo poo!" whenever she needs a diaper change and then will run away from you when you try to change it. She got away from our pew on Sunday and after waiting for her to come back I finally went to the front of the chapel, picked her up, and she yelled loud enough for everyone to hear that she had a poop (multiple times, even). It was funny, but not exactly reverent! She thinks she owns every place we go. In nursery, there's always one or two kids having a hard time leaving their parents at the door and Elsie usually just blazes right through them and goes in to tell her leaders that she wants toys. Sometimes I even get a wave goodbye. She's so the opposite of Owen. The other day I was using an electric mixer to mix up some cookies with both kids sitting on the counter next to me. Owen had his ears covered because he's scared of the mixer (you'd think he'd be over that by now...) and Elsie was literally pushing me out of the way trying to do it herself.

I love this girl. Even all her craziness is now fun to me and I actually enjoy the challenges she gives me. I'm excited to see how we can channel all those personality traits into sports, school, etc. as she gets older. I'm excited and nervous to see how she adjusts to being a big sister. She's obsessed with babies and dolls so hopefully it will be a somewhat smooth transition.

Tonight we had some family and friends over for cupcakes to celebrate. Didn't get any great pictures since there was a lot going on in our small house, but it was still fun.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

"I Just Want To Make A Goal"

The last few weeks Owen has made it very clear that he doesn't enjoy his soccer games anymore. He still loves practice and has a blast doing drills and things where he gets a lot of contact with the ball, but since he's not aggressive in the slightest and there are lots of kids on his team that are he hardly ever gets to do anything during the games except run back and forth. So today after about 5 minutes of playing he just stopped and stood on the field looking down and all sad. I called him over to me and asked what was going on and in the saddest voice ever he said "I just want to make a goal". It was so sad and cute! I tried to tell him that he has to keep trying and even encouraged him to use his elbows to get into the crowd and get to the ball...but he didn't like those ideas. Luckily we have a very sweet coach (a friend from our ward and a coworker of Russ) who could tell what was going on. He got Owen to go back on the field and had already talked to the other coach who had agreed to set it up so Owen could make a goal and get a little more confidence. The smile on Owen's face afterward so ridiculously awesome! And afterward he got a lot more into the game and ran harder and was visibly having fun. After the game was technically over they pretended like it was still going and let him and another boy make goals again without other kids interfering. Owen was pretty darn proud of his two goals and I was extremely grateful for both coaches for seeing that my timid boy needed just a little something to get his confidence up and have a good time. I went up to the other coach to thank him afterward and he said "that's what it's all about!"...I couldn't agree more.

Oh, and in the last 5 minutes of the game...this is what Owen was doing with his buddy Lucas on the field. And he wonders why he never makes any goals. :)
 photo soccerzombies_zpsaff1e9e6.jpg

Bloody Toe

This isn't a very exciting post, but Elsie just looks so cute in these crying pictures! Two or three weeks ago I walked into the kitchen to make dinner and Elsie was standing by the cupboard, holding a heavy #10 can full of sugar. I literally said "put that back, you're going to hurt your toe!" when she did just that. It fell right in front of me and when I picked her up there was blood dripping all over the floor. She proceeded to cry for a whole 30 minutes, even after I got her all bandaged up and was snuggling with her on the couch. I could tell it really hurt...poor thing. Then in the next 3 days she busted it open 2 more times in freak accidents. It was ridiculous and is still and nasty-looking toe. But she milked that ouchie for all it was worth and I had to kiss it better probably 100 times over that first week!
 photo bloodytoe_zpsfe3ed4e6.jpg
 photo hurtelsie1_zps2b88ff69.jpg
 photo hurtelsie2_zps7c8f78a6.jpg
 photo hurtelsie3_zps5aa65682.jpg

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cowboy and Bumblebee

Halloween was great this year...until Halloween night. The kids had so much fun at our ward Halloween party the week before, especially Owen. He was just so darn excited to be in his costume that he chose this year (he saw Little Critter dressed like a cowboy in one of his books..."I want to be that. And with those guns too!").

I was in charge of our ward party this year, which serves me right for nagging the bishop for two months beforehand and then texting him three weeks before Halloween and telling him he is lame for not letting our ward have a Halloween party. I was promptly given the assignment to throw one and it was made very clear that he didn't want any complaints about how much work it was or how stressed I was about it! I think I did a pretty good job with the help of another couple from the ward who organized all the kids activities and games and another couple who I asked to do a hayride. With those two things and me organizing trunk-or-treating and a chili cook-off, we were in business. (And I'm SOOOO bummed that I couldn't find my camera that I brought to the ward party, so I only have crappy phone pics.)
 photo halloweenparty4_zps336d562d.jpg
Elsie when she realized you had to actually play the games to get candy. She was ticked!
 photo halloweenparty5_zps2be3955f.jpg
Elsie with our faovite ward member, Shauna (aka Mary Poppins).
 photo halloweenparty7_zps88271d82.jpg
With Owen's best buddy, Riley, who we invited to join us. Owen was so excited when she showed up!
 photo halloweenparty6_zpsd82770c6.jpg
 photo halloweenparty1_zpsabb2e0db.jpg
 photo halloweenparty2_zpsfd1071fc.jpg
 photo halloweenparty3_zps8208e0c7.jpg
Russ ready to get some chili. He apparently thought he needed 20 different bowls. :)
 photo halloweenparty8_zps287ea190.jpg
 photo halloweenparty9_zpsc94f1b6e.jpg

Then there was Halloween night. Owen is in a phase where he only naps half the time. When he does he's super happy all night but then never wants to go to bed...even when he's laying in bed he'll stay up until like 10. But if he doesn't nap he turns into a monster around 6:30 pm. I told him he REALLY needed to take a nap that day so we could go trick or treating and 20 minutes later he was calling out saying "Mom, I closed my eyes for a really long time. Is it time to go trick or treating now???" This happened like 3 times and he never did take a nap. So by the time we got to my brother's house to trick or treat he was already a bit out of control. Then we went down one small street and he said "I have enough candy...can we go home now?" So we loaded up, went back to our neighborhood and set out to just visit just a few neighbors that we promised we'd see. By that time Owen was a huge whiny exhausted mess. Long story short...both kids went to bed at 7:30 and were sobbing as they did so (Elsie was mostly because she wanted more candy...she's obsessed!). I was really bummed because I'd looked forward to it all week, but oh well.
 photo picsfrommom7_zps28286dce.jpg
Local Eagar cousins.
 photo IMG_9249_zpsd2a28509.jpg
 photo IMG_9254_zps852d562f.jpg
 photo IMG_9250_zpsebe7eb23.jpg
Ready to go.
 photo IMG_9241_zps6dd17fac.jpg
 photo IMG_9264_zpsf7a11bb5.jpg
Elsie's first house. They gave her a piece of candy and she just stood there waiting for more. It was hilarious!
 photo IMG_9269_zps77ef15bc.jpg
Checking out his loot.
 photo IMG_9263_zps8ae73b70.jpg
Toward the end. Zombie baby. Owen was such a mess that I stopped taking pictures of him.

So let's just say that next year naps will be mandatory and once they are done we are not forcing them to go any further!