Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It's Fall!

So the temperatures have still been in the 90's here, but the mornings and evenings have been beautiful and next week the highs are in the 70's...so I'm not complaining! The kids have been loving this Halloween season and all the fun things there are to do. I've been loving it too!

For family night last week we walked to a church about half a mile away and picked out our pumpkins. Elsie chose a small one that was rotting on one side. It was $1, so whatever. Owen picked out a small deformed one. Russ and I chose a normal one that might actually work for carving if we ever get around to it this week!
 photo IMG_0983_zps0cc4a43e.jpg
On our way. These two sure look more and more alike these days!
 photo IMG_0988_zps10a43d1f.jpg
 photo IMG_0991_zps6f733056.jpg

Then two Saturdays ago we all went to Tolmachoff Farm, which is my favorite farm/pumpkin patch in the valley. For the last 3 years I've taken the kids on a weekday but wanted Russ to go this year. I won't be going a Saturday again...we got there at opening time and it was packed! Blah! The kids didn't notice, though, and had a great time.

 photo IMG_0998_zpse489d40e.jpg
 photo IMG_1001_zps96a6d8dd.jpg
 photo IMG_1003_zps685487cf.jpg
 photo IMG_1005_zpsea27e7b1.jpg
 photo IMG_1006_zps7810bd9b.jpg
 photo IMG_1009_zps372ca31f.jpg
 photo IMG_1011_zps2d8d86df.jpg
 photo IMG_1012_zps2f021648.jpg
 photo IMG_1014_zpsad6030ab.jpg
 photo IMG_1016_zpsbd894fba.jpg
The kids were both happy that daddy could come. :)

Last night we pulled out the small pumpkins and decorated them. I got some kits from Target (Thanks, Tara!) which made it easy peasy. We were going to paint them first, but the kids just wanted to get into the stickers. Fine by me!
 photo IMG_1021_zps86803c55.jpg
 photo IMG_1028_zps66e01b68.jpg
 photo IMG_1032_zps1cfbc282.jpg
 photo IMG_1038_zpsd1bebd9b.jpg
 photo IMG_1037_zps76625627.jpg
 photo IMG_1041_zpsb9cf089e.jpg
 photo IMG_1044_zpsc7a7cf5e.jpg
 photo IMG_1048_zps7390776a.jpg
We ended the night by all piling in Elsie's room with the lights off and watching someone get arrested right outside our house. It was kinda fun!

Part two with kids in their costumes will be coming shortly. Yay for fun holidays!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sweet Tooth

I need to write this down before I forget.

Last week I was making dinner. Elsie walked in and the conversation went like this:

Elsie: I cree? (Ice cream?)
Mom: No ice cream. I'm making food.
Elsie: Cake?
Mom: Nope, no cake. Look, dinner is cooking.
Elsie, misinterpreting the word "cooking": Cookie?!?!?

This child is out of control with how much she likes the sweets! I've caught her snitching candy a dozen times already from our Halloween candy jar. If she's being too quiet, she's up on the table stuffing her face. It's hilarious.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Child's Prayer

The highlights from Owen's prayer tonight:

"Please bless mommy and daddy, that nothing will kill them. Because I don't want to get a new family yet.

Sorry I hit Elsie sometimes. And push her.

Thankful for swimming. Even though we can't go swimming anymore." (because it's too cold)

Oh my word, I want to bottle this kid up sometimes!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014



Owen is doing so, so awesome in preschool. He absolutely loves it. And I love when he comes to me and says things like "there's lots of wheels on this truck, let's count them by 2's!" or "do we live in a desert?"...things I obviously didn't teach him. Last week there was a back to school night at his school and he got to bring all of us in his classroom and show us around. He was so excited. He's also been into drawing and coloring since school started, neither of which he was ever interested in before. The only issue he's had is bathroom accidents. Owen NEVER has accidents and had his first ever poop accident at school last Thursday. He doesn't want to wipe by himself and the teachers aren't allowed to help with that, so he held it as long as he could. I had to come take him home early. Poor guy. He also had a pee accident the week before while he was playing in the classroom. He's gotten to where he never wants to stop playing, so we've been reminding him every day to not wait too long. Usually when we remind him he runs full speed to the bathroom to go!
 photo photo3_zpsd37b7c0b.jpg
This was on the wall in Owen's classroom. Love it!
 photo photo13_zpsc28feaa0.jpg
A few weeks ago Owen got a new pack of underwear. He was so happy that insisted on sleeping with them so he could show daddy when Russ got home from bishopric meetings. :)
 photo photo8_zpsf14ed830.jpg
Being a goofball.
 photo photo10_zps392430b6.jpg
Teaching both kids how to do "Chubba". I'm so proud.
 photo photo5_zps76f98b99.jpg
Last week Russ was out of town. Owen was so excited to sleep in daddy's bed!

Elsie still has personality oozing out of her ears. At any given time she's either the happiest, funniest, sweetest girl in the world, or she's having a monster screaming meltdown. It's all pretty entertaining. She's sure in love with daddy lately, which makes us all happy. She's loving all her one on one time with mommy while Owen's in preschool, and just yesterday for the first time asked me where Owen was. She amazes us with how good of a talker she is. She's started to put words together a little and will repeat anything we say. My favorite is still when she's saying goodbye to someone..."bye, luh you, tinky!" (Bye, I love you, you're stinky...also what Owen says when one of us leaves. :))
 photo photo4_zpscb80f70a.jpg
She got a cookie at Owen's preschool event. Not sure how much she actually got in her mouth.
 photo photo2_zpscff7edcf.jpg
How she eats raisins at Grandma Eagar's house.
 photo photo1_zps4b8ee562.jpg
Naked and in the water table. Not gonna think about how many times she probably peed in there during that 20 minutes.
 photo photo9_zps15a0d0e3.jpg
Her favorite smile.
 photo photo7_zpsfa928938.jpg
Eating macaroni the same way big brother does.
 photo photo14_zps352777d7.jpg
In time out. So cute and so ornery all at the same time!
 photo photo12_zps5311a4d4.jpg
She scares me to death while I'm cooking. She loves to pull a chair over and climb up right in front of a burning hot stove and screams while I scoot her over to a safer spot. And this pic was taken moments before the oven accidentally pulled open and she was right in front of a 425 degree oven. I can't ever leave the room for a second while I'm cooking with this one around.

Baby girl is still cooking up right on schedule! She's kicking a ton and much harder the last week or so. We've changed her name to something Russ and I both mutually like, but is neither of our favorites. I mentioned to my doctor on Monday that I'm feeling so much more tired with this pregnancy than the other two. "That's because you have two kids at home" was his reply. I could have told you that!