Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Soccer Player

Owen started his first year of soccer a few weeks ago and is loving it! I can't tell you how happy this makes me. Sure, I'd love my boy to love sports...but really I'm just happy that my timid, unadventurous boy has jumped right into this and is all smiles the whole time. He's on a 4 and 5 year old team, which means there's some older kids that are actually quite good. Owen loves to chase the ball and run with the kids from one end of the field to the other. He'll kick the ball when it comes to him. But he's definitely not aggressive, and doesn't really understand how to block the ball or any of that. I keep telling him during the week that we need to go out side and practice. Some of his responses go like this:

"I don't need to practice. I'm already awesome."
"I already know how to play soccer!"

Clearly, he thinks that two practices has made him some sort of soccer expert.

This last Saturday was his first official game. It was brutally hot outside, even with our shade we brought and tons of ice water. Owen somehow didn't seem to mind it but he sure stank when it was all over! The other team won and on the way home we asked him if he had fun. He said "Yes, but we didn't win. But that's okay. It just matters that you have fun." He sure listens to those Little Critter books!

 photo IMG_9198_zps5b38ff32.jpg
Go #6! 6 happens to be my lucky number, so I was excited when they gave him it. :)
 photo IMG_9202_zpse0a6a69d.jpg
 photo IMG_9207_zps02ac962d.jpg
 photo IMG_9208_zps1f2edf8b.jpg
 photo IMG_9215_zpscd922d43.jpg
His favorite cousin, Oakley, played right before Owen did. He takes after his 4 older brothers and is pretty competitive, so as he was watching Owen he kept yelling "Go faster, Owen! You're not going faster!!!" It was pretty funny.
 photo IMG_9223_zpsd533de96.jpg
Enjoying some ice cold Gatorades in this ridiculous heat!
 photo IMG_9225_zps1a055300.jpg
I adore this picture and their genuine smiles.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of Preschool

Today is buddy's first day of preschool! He is at Crossroads and his teachers are Mrs. Klemmer and Ms. Bebee. He got to go in last week with mom and dad just to meet the teachers and see the room and all that jazz and he left pretty excited to go back. He insisted on wearing a "pocket shirt" on his first day (he only has three shirts with pockets and they are his absolute favorite). He was even excited about his packed lunch because it had a juice box in it! Elsie and I got to drop him off this morning. He seemed a tiny bit hesitant at first because there were so many people, but he figured out which cubby was his to put his stuff in, sat down at a table with a bunch of building blocks, and said "Bye, momma. See you when you pick me up.", and kept playing. I of course snuck in a big kiss on the cheek and told him I loved him and got my favorite smile from him in return, but that was it. As much as I hate seeing how quickly this boy is growing up, I'm super proud of how well he adjusts to situations like this and am so excited for all the fun things he gets to do this year and all the neat things he's going to learn.

I wanted one, just ONE, good picture of Owen smiling before his first day and I didn't really get it. I even bribed him with chocolate chips. Oh, well. They're still cute.
 photo IMG_9174_zps9040e5a0.jpg
 photo IMG_9177_zps50170ed0.jpg
 photo IMG_9180_zpsd2530d56.jpg
 photo IMG_9183_zps5900ab51.jpg
At least Elsie will smile for the camera on command!
 photo IMG_9184_zpsf9649a2a.jpg
My one quick fuzzy snapshot of Owen before I left him.

PS...just picked him up and he was all smiles. Success!

Monday, August 11, 2014


I know no one really reads this. And I know that those who do already know that we are expecting baby #3 (right?), but it only seems right to briefly document how this pregnancy is going...

I'll be 16 weeks on Wednesday.

The doc is 90% sure it's a girl.

We have a name but aren't sharing.

I chose this name. I had to make a deal with Russ to get it, though. Let's just say that IF we have a #4, and IF that baby happens to also be a girl...her name is already chosen as well. And I don't like it!

I absolutely hate the first trimester. I think our house is still recovering from 2 months of complete neglect (while I took unreasonably long naps and spent my waking hours trying not to vomit whilst keeping my children happy). Anyone want to come mop my floors and clean my bathrooms?

Owen is super excited to have another sister and he thinks we should name her Owen.

My pants started feeling too tight the week before I even got a positive pregnancy test. I look more like 22 weeks than 16 this time around. I suppose this is normal for an already stretched out uterus and I should just embrace it, yes?

I am getting really excited to have another one. I'm not in denial of how hard it will be with 3 at home, but I'm just excited to work through those hard first few months and get our new normal routine down and snuggle with my new baby!!!

I am convinced that God knows we can't handle another Elsie (aka non-sleeper/super temperamental/feisty as all heck, etc). If we are going to be having more than 3, this better be an easy baby! (And I should add in that Elsie has really mellowed out in the last 3 was the first 15 months of her life that were ridiculous.)

Russ is still in denial. He'll get over it. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Dislocated Elbow and Other Fun Randoms

I have now successfully dislocated both of my childrens' elbows. I don't think I'll be up for any mother of the year awards any time soon. Two or three Sundays ago I was leaving church with the kids. Elsie hates to hold my hand, but we were crossing the parking lot. I grabbed her hand, she jerked away, lost her balance, and fell right on the hot asphalt. I was worried about her getting burned (asphalt in Phoenix in July is HOT) so I hurriedly reached down and grabbed her arm and pulled her up into my arms. She screamed the whole way to the car and I was sure she had burned her hand on the asphalt. As I was buckling her in she sadly stopped crying and with her good hand pointed to the bad one to show me what was wrong. Poor girl. So I took the kids home, set her on the couch and brought her a boo boo birdie (an ice pack) for her to rest her hand on. I got her a drink and crackers and started up a cartoon and she was soon really calm. After watching her for about 45 minutes and seeing that she wouldn't move her left arm to do anything, I remembered that that's what Owen looked like when he dislocated his elbow a year or so earlier. I went over and slowly bent her elbow and she went into hysterics. Awesome. I waited another few minutes and tried it again to be sure it was the elbow. It definitely was. So I loaded the kiddos up and headed to urgent care to get this girl put back together again (all while wishing desperately for my normal Sunday afternoon nap). We were literally the only patients at the Phoenix Children's Urgent Care which was great! We got right in, the doc felt her arm and popped that thing right back into place. I always feel dumb when I get emotional at the doctor, but I couldn't help it...she was crying so loud when he was touching it! The doctor asked me if I was okay and I assured him I was just fine. When this happened to Owen he was quite a bit older, so they brought him in some fruit snacks and put it up and he reached right for it with his bad arm and we knew that everything was all better. The doctor said that the younger ones are usually a little more slow to trust that their arm will work. So he brought in a sucker and made me hold down her good arm. She literally stared at the sucker and lusted after it for like 3 minutes. He held it a little closer to her hand and she finally went for it and forgot all about her hurt elbow. Phew!
These pics are from before I realized that her elbow was dislocated...she was like a little zombie:
 photo nursemaid_zpsc1506d42.jpg
 photo nursemaid1_zpsf82b07e6.jpg

 photo earinfectiondoctor_zps1815d0ff.jpg
Two days later at the doc because Owen had an ear infection. Thank goodness he still has a tube in his right ear. His infections don't hurt him too bad since the tube releases a lot of the pressure. Owen has never been wrong about having an ear infection when he tells me his ear hurts.
 photo magnets_zps6d187a1f.jpg
Buddy's current favorite toy is this set of magnets. They're pretty bomb.
 photo gogurts_zpsb40b5f2c.jpg
She stole Owen's frozen Gogurt and has never been happier.
 photo dentist_zps2ebddf13.jpg
Buddy at the dentist. He did awesome.
 photo nightowl_zps394bee27.jpg
"Mom, do you want me to come snuggle with you?" This is his favorite way to get out of bed when he's supposed to be asleep and it usually works.
 photo vomitcuddler_zpsde88514f.jpg
Right after Elsie threw up an entire sippy cup of vanilla almond milk on me. Poor girl was having a rough week!
 photo daddyandecuddles_zps43da8c80.jpg
Cuddles with daddy. She stayed like this for almost an hour and when he got up, realized that she had peed all over him! It was kinda funny.
 photo waitingforpretzels_zps26283ae2.jpg
Yesterday the two neighbor girls came over for some play time. They helped me roll out some soft pretzels and wanted to watch them bake. Too cute.